Brand Designer in San Diego, CA

I believe in empowering entrepreneurs through knowledge and creativity to help them build a brand that gives them clarity, confidence, and direction to start their business.

Investing on your brand is investing in yourself.

You can succeed and grow when you gain clarity about who you are, what you do, and why.

I created Found Brands for all those self-improving, positive-minded dreamers and doers possessed by an entrepreneurial spirit.

Seeing the eyes of my clients light up when the ideas, graphics, and concepts I present to them start making sense, gives me great satisfaction. They see their dream becoming visible and real, and feel they can succeed.

I believe every brand is the reflection of a dream that became tangible, and as a brand strategist, I translate the ideas into the minds and hearts of entrepreneurs so that the world can understand them.

After all, the most important asset of a brand is how it’s seen and heard by potential clients.

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Miriam practically led us by the hand. We now have the support and feel confident to clarify doubts and improve our brand.

– Cecilia, Lawyer

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Photo of Owner, Miriam Alvarez
Miriam R. Alvarez

Branding Expert

My journey

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to create something meaningful. At 6, I dreamed of becoming an artist and expressing myself through my art. But as I grew older, my passion for design and brand-building took hold.

At 12, I knew that graphic design was my true calling. I spent my teenage years honing my skills and gaining experience in marketing and public relations agencies in Los Angeles.

In 2010, I graduated with a degree in graphic design and began my journey as a freelancer. But I knew that I wanted to do more and make a greater impact.

In 2014, I founded Porta Creative, a creative agency where we have helped over 100 businesses to create their own unique brand and communicate their message to the world.

In 2021, I embarked on a new journey with Found Brands, a company focused on branding and brand strategy for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. I want to empower the small business owners and to help them to achieve their goals through the power of branding.

I’ve also had the honor of mentoring university students, passing on my knowledge and passion for design to the next generation.

Through my work, I strive to not only create visually stunning designs, but to also tell the story of each brand and connect with their audience on an emotional level. I believe that a great brand has the power to change lives and inspire people to dream bigger.

My journey from graphic design to branding.

When I started my career as a graphic designer, I would design a super cool logo for my clients; and that was it. That’s what branding was for me. Then I realized that a logo is only the tip of the iceberg.

As I worked with more and more clients, I understood they needed much more than just a visual identity. They needed to clarify the purpose of their business, and they needed me to understand their vision, so everything I would create would align with their goals.

I faced that iceberg and went deeper into brand strategy and branding – I researched, read books, took courses, practiced a lot, and tested different processes.

It was an exciting and energizing experience because I realized that I could make a difference in people’s lives thanks to branding and brand strategy. In addition, I could help them create a strong business by establishing a solid foundation that would be reflected visually in their brand.

Brands exist because people exist.

After working with many entrepreneurs and creating over a hundred brands from scratch, I realized that brands exist because people exist.

And if brands are the result of people, people are the answer to creating meaningful brands. Your dreams, your strengths, your personality, your expertise, your insights, your knowledge, and your mistakes can all be building blocks that help create a meaningful and authentic brand.

Would you like to join me on this journey towards creating the brand that will give you clarity, confidence, and direction to start your successful business?

I dedicate this video to every entrepreneur that decides to take their dreams seriously.

Thank You!

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