Investing in your brand is investing in yourself

Let me start by sharing what I believe about branding and how it can change your business and your life. I believe your brand is your dream becoming visible. I believe your brand is your voice that translates the ideas in your mind and heart. I believe your brand is your image through which you […]

The best branding process

Crafting the perfect brand involves tailoring the approach to the unique needs and aspirations of each company or organization. While specifics may differ, a typical branding process generally unfolds through the following steps: Research Kicking off the journey, the research phase delves deep into understanding the company, its competitors, and the target market. This exploration […]

Branding is no easy task

Starting a branding journey can feel like a big leap for many business owners, involving a substantial investment of time and money. However, there’s no reason to feel fearful! With the right approach and a solid grasp of the process, branding can emerge as a potent tool for the growth of your business. Let’s address […]

Is it time for a brand refresh?

Some of my clients come to me with this question: Should I do a brand refresh? They’ve been in business for over ten years, and don’t know if they should do a redesign . It’s been a long time since they’ve updated their logo, and it looks like they’re in need of a much needed […]

What does the journey to your new brand look like? A step-by-step process

Hey there! Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you don’t have a clear map of where you’re going? I know I do! Feeling lost is not a fun experience. But you know what? You’re not alone! Many of us struggle with this feeling of uncertainty, especially when it comes to our work. We want to […]

Your brand’s success depends on this one word

Establishing a plan is required for brand success

Imagine your new brand already has a name, a logo, and a color palette. Will this guarantee the success of your brand? Unfortunately, no. But, what do I mean by brand success?  We can say a brand is successful when its customers trust it and recommend it. They find it reliable, and their loyalty is […]

How brand strategy changed my business (life)

Photo of Owner, Miriam Alvarez

I remember that feeling; the rush of excitement. An idea was born in my head, something clicked in my mind and a wave of energy went straight to my heart. “I’ve got an idea, I’ll create my own business. I’ll be an entrepreneur, it makes sense! I’ll never get bored! I’ll decide my own limits!”  […]

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