Your brand’s success depends on this one word

Establishing a plan is required for brand success

Imagine your new brand already has a name, a logo, and a color palette. Will this guarantee the success of your brand? Unfortunately, no. But, what do I mean by brand success?  We can say a brand is successful when its customers trust it and recommend it. They find it reliable, and their loyalty is […]

3 qualities a good graphic designer should have

There’s little doubt that design skills and talent are essential to be a good graphic designer. But there’s more to that. You want to work with someone that will help you navigate through the creative process as easily as possible. Throughout my journey as a designer and creative director, I’ve had the opportunity to help […]

Why choose inspiration over motivation

Have you ever thought about choosing inspiration to create new ideas and growth for your business, instead of focusing on motivation? Don’t you think that, as an entrepreneur, inspiration can be more powerful? Let me tell you why. I believe feeling inspired can feel natural, exciting and light, and that’s how you should feel every […]

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