The lie, the line and the curve – 3 life changing perspectives on entrepreneurship

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I’m not going to talk about graphic design, branding or marketing in this article. Were you expecting a chart?

This time, I would like to share three ideas that have opened my eyes to the reality of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur: The Lie, The Line, and The Curve.

The Lie

We hear a lot about “self-made CEO’s” and “self-made millionaires”. It carries an air of glamour, it sounds proud… and it sounds hard to achieve. The truth is there is no such thing as “self-made”, we are always in need of community, support and guidance. 

You may say: “Wait! I AM self-made! I never received help from anyone, I was definitely in this by myself”. Are you sure? Think about this: in order for you to have a business, you had to have your first client. The person that trusted you even when you had zero reviews and little to no experience. That person is part of your story. 

Let’s go further. That friend that stood beside you, unable to understand your worries and frustrations, but always ready to listen. Or the family member that believed in you and lifted you up with words of encouragement when you felt like giving up.

Does this sound like being self-made? Not to me.

The Line

Even though I’m aware of this powerful idea, I still forget it sometimes: “Success is not a straight line”. There’s ups and downs. Like everything in life, our business goes through phases. 

How wonderful would it be if every business we decided to invest our energy in was a big success. But if that was true, everyone would be doing it. The reality is that entrepreneurship can feel like a roller coaster, you not only learn how to manage your business, but also your emotions along the way. 

Reminding ourselves that it’s ok to make some time to rest, regain strength and keep going is crucial. It’s all part of the journey of entrepreneurship, we build resilience along the way.

The Curve

Yes, now we know that success is not a constant straight line growing to the right and up. Wobbles are normal, but what about failures? Failure can mean a lot of different things to many people. For us, entrepreneurs, that can mean  having low sales, or not enough to support our business and personal goals. For others, it can be not being able to build an efficient team to service clients.

We can fail at our business and feel like there’s no coming back. Then, what curve am I talking about? The learning curve. Do not confuse failure for a learning curve, making mistakes is part of learning. You’re not a failure, you’re learning.

Let’s recap…

There’s no such thing as self-made.

Success is not a straight line.

Don’t confuse failure for a learning curve.

Once you embrace these ideas, my hope is that you find peace of mind and acknowledge every part of your journey with compassion and love for yourself. 

An important part of what I do for my branding clients is helping them gain clarity about what their brand is about, who they are for and why they are different. This brand self-knowledge creates a solid foundation my clients can stand on and take smart decisions for growing their business. 

First step? Let’s schedule a 15-minute call and assess how you can make your business grow. 



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