The stories we tell to ourselves – A heartfelt message to entrepreneurs out there

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Your friends and family say you’ve come a long way and admire your success. You’re definitely not at the same place as when you started your business, but the thing is, your mind is telling you otherwise, you’re still not where you thought you would be by now. Take a moment to think about the story you tell yourself about your business.

The imaginary timeline you try to stick to (for any reason you may have), may be affecting your progress. In your head, you have pre-established how things should unfold. And this could even be impacting your mental health. 

Your entrepreneurship story

This story is very important, and it’s uniquely yours. What story are you telling yourself? How does that timeline look for you? And the most important question, WHO CREATED IT? 

Did you design this timeline? Or did you pick it up from someone else, someone you admire and follow. Could it be related to your family’s expectations? 

Take a moment to reflect on these questions.

The stories  you tell yourself should serve you as motivation. Make sure that your timeline and goals are aligned with your wellbeing. Is your story pushing you toward a specific number, place, or emotion? Question its authenticity.

Rewrite your story

Reflect today, rewrite your story, edit the timeline. Allow yourself to look back and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Be honest with yourself: Which dreams are yours? Which ones did you pick along the way because they were expected from you?

I’d love to know about your story and help you rewrite it. Let’s connect.

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