Branding Project for a Mezcal Company and Restaurant Bar Brand

Creating a brand from scratch is no easy task. Our clients were on the hunt for more than just a name and a logo; they wanted a vibe. And we made it come true.

The branding created for Quatro Mezcal Company goes beyond the name and logo. We created original artwork, hand-drawn illustrations, irreverent collages and brand messages that will challenge you to “Dance hasta la muerte” and explore the world of mezcal.

Quatro isn’t for the quiet types; it’s the go-to spot for the lively, energetic party animals looking for a place where Mexican roots blend seamlessly with today’s pop culture, just like they do in the latin community every day.

Naming, logo design, visual identity, hand drawn illustrations, collage art and lettering, brand style guide – all fuse together to loudly invite you to eat, drink and dance.

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