Branding Project for Geriatric Practice

Dr. Mayra Bugarin sought to develop a personal brand and messaging strategy that would solidify her practice in geriatric care. Through comprehensive brand strategy exercises and in-depth research into the challenges faced by elderly patients and their families, we gathered vital insights to craft a brand identity that embodies empathy, care, and expertise.

The carefully chosen color palette and abstract illustrations convey a sense of calm and trust, reflecting Dr. Mayra’s dedication to her patients. Her focus is on providing professional care, consultation, and guidance to patients in the later stages of life, particularly those suffering from dementia.

With her new logo, brand identity, and messaging, Dr. Mayra is now equipped to effectively connect with her target audience both online and in person, fulfilling her mission to support elderly patients and their families with compassion and professionalism.


Logo design, visual identity, brand messaging and brand style guide.

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