Branding Project For A Community Inspired Commercial Kitchen

Lenchita’s Commercial Kitchen is a tribute to a Mexican family restaurant that has been a cornerstone in Pacoima, CA for generations. The legacy of home-style cooking and welcoming hospitality lives on as the grandson of the original founder, a dedicated teacher and chef, brings his passion to the community by creating a space where culinary creatives can connect, learn, and grow their businesses. The visual identity of Lenchita’s Commercial Kitchen is inspired by the rich history and people of Pacoima, CA. To honor the family’s traditions, we integrated warm and familiar tones of red and blue into the logo, reminiscent of the original family restaurant’s logo. The brand also incorporates patterns, textures, and motifs to express creativity, community, and heritage. Lenchita’s Commercial Kitchen is more than just a commercial kitchen, it’s a celebration of the richness and diversity of Pacoima, CA, and a platform for kitchen creatives to flourish.

Our logo design, visual identity, and brand style guide capture the spirit of Lenchita’s Commercial Kitchen and its commitment to the community.

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