Your brand’s success depends on this one word

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Imagine your new brand already has a name, a logo, and a color palette. Will this guarantee the success of your brand? Unfortunately, no.

But, what do I mean by brand success? 

We can say a brand is successful when its customers trust it and recommend it. They find it reliable, and their loyalty is proven when they choose it again and again. All this translates into more profitability and growth. 

So, in a few words, brand success is being able to create a deep connection with your customers.

That’s why, today, I would like to share with you a simple, yet very important, one-word piece of advice that will make a whole difference in how your customers perceive and trust your brand.

The word is… Consistency. 

What is brand consistency?

“Brand consistency means ensuring that the way you present your company—and what it stands for—remains the same across all your marketing channels, unifying the image and message your customers and potential customers see.”

Source: Mailchimp

Consistency across all brand touchpoints is key for your brand to gain positioning. This means using your logo, color palette, typography, and graphic elements repeatedly , so you can help your clients start recognizing your brand.

A few examples of brand touchpoints are business cards, email signatures, ads, social media content, email marketing, presentations, brochures, and your website. Of course, there are many more, but this depends on the brand and what they market.

You may feel that repeating the same colors, graphics and messages can be quite boring, but it’s not. If you want your clients to recognize you, you must be persistent.

These actions build trust toward your brand each time a client interacts with it. They communicate that your brand is reliable and trustworthy. 

As human beings, we’re constantly seeking safety, we don’t like change, even if we consider ourselves “risk takers” or “adventurous”. We always look for what’s familiar and what we can trust. When a brand is consistent visually, we’ll trust that it will also deliver the same quality and experience each time we choose it. 

How can we make sure we are consistent with our brand for success?

Like in everything in life, the best way to be consistent is by following a plan, or a guide. When talking about brands, there is no better tool than what I call the Brand Compass.

A Brand Compass is a complete guide for the graphic design style of your brand.This way , you remove the guesswork each time you need to create a design for your brand; call it a new website, social media posts, an ad or even a business card.

Every designer or creator that you choose to create a design for your brand, can receive this PDF guide (Brand Compass) and be able to understand how to present it to the world, remain visually consistent and help your business stay in your clients’ mind, which is the final result we all want.

You want your clients to remember you and recommend your products. This way you can grow, expand and create more revenue. Believe me, your clients want that for you too, let’s help them by offering a visually consistent and authentic brand, each time. 



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