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Ask any entrepreneur — starting your own business is not a walk in the park: fear, insecurities, impostor syndrome, and a deep feeling of being completely lost or overwhelmed. We’ve all been there.

But I have good news! A solid brand gives you a sense of direction and identity during those chaotic first steps. And once you know who you are and where you’re going, everything else will fall in place.

Andre Schweizer
Andre Schweizer
Extremely impressed with Miriam at Found brands! When we first started the process of rebranding our company there was a lot of uncertainty and hesitation. Miriam just made the process so easy and efficient with all of her knowledge on the subject. Extremely grateful for Miriam for taking our ideas and bringing them to life!
xavier ray
xavier ray
Was very helpful and informative. She was super friendly and helpful whenever I had questions. Awesome person to work with and will work with her again 😊
Aimee LaRue Rist
Aimee LaRue Rist
Just had my first meeting with Miriam from Found Brands. She was thorough, clear and patient in helping me understand the branding process and how I can complete my brand to build more trust and ultimately more business. She also sent me a follow up email with a video explaining everything she sent me. Really nice personal touch. Looking forward to the whole process! Update: We are about done with the process and the work that Miriam and her team did for me is awesome. She explains everything, was very patient with my questions and changes. I highly recommend sitting down with her and seeing why she can offer you and your business. I'm very happy with the results and the whole process.
Thalia Cedar
Thalia Cedar
Miriam is so professional and knowledgeable. You can tell she is an expert and has true passion for what she does and the brands she helps build. I feel confident in where my brand is going with Found Brands help!
Oralia Michel
Oralia Michel
I have been thrilled each time I work with this talented and purpose driven expert when it comes to brand strategy and branding. Miriam and her team understand entrepreneurs and start-ups. Their approach to starting a business delivers exceptional creative solutions for building a trusted and successful brand. I will continue to work with them in the future for mutual clients.
Emmanuel Villegas
Emmanuel Villegas
We just finished our 30 minute introductory session with Miriam, and it was an absolute delight. She was very very knowledgeable in the area of marketing and gave our brand a fair assessment as far as what was needed to move forward. We are very excited to drop in with her again, and I would very much recommend her services. Prompt & professional 100%
Minerva Michel
Minerva Michel
Excelent service.

Branding Project For A Traditionally Fresh Pizza Place

Our logo design, visual identity, and brand style guide capture the essence of Toscana Trattoria and its commitment to delivering an unforgettable dining experience.

Branding Project For A Nature Inspired Guest House

Our logo design, visual identity, and brand style guide are the tickets to this magical experience.

Branding Project For A Community Inspired Commercial Kitchen

Our logo design, visual identity, and brand style guide capture the spirit of Lenchita’s Commercial Kitchen and its commitment to the community.

Naming and Branding Project For A Vegan Plant Based Protein

Naming, logo design, packaging, visual identity, and brand style guide – all come together to create a brand that is both inspiring and empowering.

Rebranding Project For A Car Dealership Exclusive Auto Detailing Company

Revamped logo design, visual identity, and brand style guide.

Naming and Branding Project for a DIY Tax Debt Solution Brand

Naming, logo design, visual identity, and brand style guide – all created to help you achieve the goal of becoming Oweless.

Branding Project for a Real Estate Agent’s Personal Brand

Slogan, logo design, visual identity, and brand style guide.

Branding Project for a Mezcal Company and Restaurant Bar Brand

Naming, logo design, visual identity, hand drawn illustrations, collage art and lettering, brand style guide – all fuse together to loudly invite you to eat, drink and dance.

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